Fear may be contagious; but so is courage! -

The latest police operation against the co-chairs and MPs of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), which had polled 13.1% at the June 2015 general elections, and then 10.8% at the November 2015 general elections despite the immense escalation of state violence, to become the third largest group in the Turkish parliament, is a clear coup against the parliamentary regime and the people’s democratic will in Turkey.

The government is in an attempt to eliminate all opposition forces: This had started with the declaration of the state of emergency and the following executive decrees, but has reached a whole new level with the executive decree dated October 29th, the police raid against the newspaper Cumhuriyet, the incarceration of Diyarbakır’s co-mayors, and finally the November 4th operation against HDP. The government employs the failed coup attempt of July 15th as the pretext for a “counter coup” or “civilian coup”, and strives to suspend the parliamentary regime in Turkey through these relentless political operations, eliminate all hubs of opposition, and establish a one-man rule.

This assault is not only against Peoples’ Democratic Party. It is against all of us, all democratic forces. The government strives to suppress the population with force -war within and outside Turkey. Everyone who opposes the government in place and its plans for regime change becomes a legitimate target.

We do not have to accept the chaos that the government is trying to drag Turkey into. Once the government fails to break the opposition’s will, its power bloc will become fragile. Today is not the time to turn inward, to cower. Today is not the time for cynicism, for vain discussions on who was wrong or who was more farsighted: We have to stand tall, strengthen the platforms of union and solidarity which can put an end to this brutality that we are submitted to.

Let us not forget that, as Selahattin Demirtaş said, fear is contagious, but so is courage.

Başlangıç – November 4, 2016

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